lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Helping Hands tour

Want to see?

Join us at the “Helping Hands” tour every Wednesday and Thursday 9 to 11:30 am, a heart-warming excursion offering you an inside peek into the charitable community of Los Cabos. You’ll tour four organizations: San Juan Diego Shelter, San Miguel Nursing Home, Casa Hogar Orphanage and Niños del Capitan. Tour is FREE! But space is limited, please reserve at Concierge Desk or at the email:

Scheduled Stops

San Juan Diego Shelter
San Miguel Senior Center
Cabo San Lucas Orphanage
Niños del Capitán

Sign up TODAY

Wednesday and Thursdays
from 9:00am – 11:30am
Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa

viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

We need your help!

Guests of Solmar Hotels & Resorts will have the opportunity to donate to the important cause upon checkout with an optional donation starting at $10 for the Solmar Foundation. You will find this item on your final bill and this donation is completely optional and offers guests a rewarding way to give back to the community whose service has helped make many years of wonderful vacation memories possible. If you are interested on giving more, please let the front desk know when you check out.

Our Project

Los Cabos is growing by leaps and bounds due in large part to the immigration of families from mainland Mexico. Many of them arrive penniless and unemployed with hopes for a better future that may never materialize. While waiting for their situation to improve, families often find temporary housing in shanty towns under subhuman conditions.

These families need support. Fundacion Solmar is here to help:

  • Families living in poverty
  • Abandoned kids
  • Education programs
  • Health assistance for Kids
  • Elderly


Casa Hogar Cabo
Los Niños del Capitán
Red Autismo

Todos Santos Orfanato
San Juan Diego Shelter
Los Cabos Humane Society
Asociación Magnifica Obsesión  Club de Abuelos “Casa de Día San Miguel”