miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Bring a thing!

When traveling to Mexico, the Solmar Foundation suggests you bring items badly needed by schools, orphanages and other organizations. Your gift can be left at the hotel office to be distributed. "Things to bring" - art supplies, pencils, notebooks, toys, coloring books, stickers, sports equipment, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and all kind of personal items.

We highly recommend people who are planning on visiting Los Cabos to bring in a suitcase full of clothes; maybe your kids have a bunch of stuff they don't use anymore, even yourself. Bring anything you know we'll be of great help to those people who need it the most.
You can leave the suitcases at the Solmar Foundation office located at Playa Grande Resort!
Together we can make the difference!

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

History of Solmar Foundation

Solmar Hotels and Resorts has been a leader in tourism and sport fishing since 1965. From the very beginning, recognized the potential for Cabo to become a major league resort area. It had everything, including weather, natural beauty, exceptional fishing and close proximity to the USA.

In fact, the recent history of Cabo cannot be separated from Solmar Hotels and Resorts. In the early days, there was nothing but a landing strip (now the marina) and a fish cannery. When the cannery closed, Solmar Hotels and Resorts began a methodical process of turning the local sport fishing fleet into the most important in Mexico.

In those days, there were no airports, no roads, no water and no electricity. First, the entrepreneurs at Solmar Hotels and Resorts helped develop water wells, then electricity. Through the following years, they assisted with the negotiations that brought the road from La Paz, as well as the airport. It wasn't long before the rich and famous arrived in Cabo.

Because Los Cabos and Solmar Hotels and Resorts growth together, Solmar Group is a dedicated member of the community and constantly seeks ways to provide assistance where needed most. There is still a huge need for medical care, security and education. Solmar, as President of the Patronage for the Fire Department, received Presidential recognition for achieving the highest quality installation and, most important, for an exceptional training program that meets the most rigorous standards.

Getting started 
Our non-profit organization created in honor of the late Don Luis Bulnes Molleda, the founder and visionary behind the Solmar collection, to help those in need throughout Los Cabos. In an effort to continue the noble work started by Don Luis, the Solmar Foundation supplies critical social services not covered by the government and focuses on education, the development of marketable skills, and medical assistance.
Our leader Don Luis was always willing to help the less fortunate during his many years here in Los Cabos; the Solmar Foundation is a representation of his legacy and his unwavering love and commitment to this destination. We are too honored to have the opportunity to assist those in need throughout our community through the foundation and with the help of our valued guests.
Don Francisco Bulnes, son of Don Luis, officially established the Solmar Foundation with the first contribution of $20,000 in October 2011. Our organization has been created to help make a better community through the development of social services that are not provided by the government and to facilitate negotiations with public entities and Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to get help where it will do the most good.

Recognizing that individual efforts get scattered results, Solmar Group combines resources with other social programs to cover as many necessities as possible for those in need. Our Foundation also works with public agencies and non-government organizations to combine resources and direct assistance to the areas where it will do the most good.
To dignify the most needy and help them achieve a better life through community programs. The focus is on women and children living in poverty.