miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Bring a thing!

When traveling to Mexico, the Solmar Foundation suggests you bring items badly needed by schools, orphanages and other organizations. Your gift can be left at the hotel office to be distributed. "Things to bring" - art supplies, pencils, notebooks, toys, coloring books, stickers, sports equipment, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and all kind of personal items.

We highly recommend people who are planning on visiting Los Cabos to bring in a suitcase full of clothes; maybe your kids have a bunch of stuff they don't use anymore, even yourself. Bring anything you know we'll be of great help to those people who need it the most.
You can leave the suitcases at the Solmar Foundation office located at Playa Grande Resort!
Together we can make the difference!

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